Naturaliss Info


The strong sounding Reggae/Dancehall Artiste, Record Producer, Songwriter, entrepreneur “Naturaliss”.   Born Damian Gordon October 8, 1982 is stemming from the poorest Parish ST. Mary Jamaica.  His Grandfather Lionel Reid and Grand mother Myrtle West, amongst Uncles, Cousins and Aunts in an average family home raised Naturaliss.  Naturaliss had a rough but meaningful background as he had to go to the fields on weekends to help his grandfather and cousins prepare farm products for his aunt to take to the market during the week.  Naturaliss would then wake up between 3-4 am every Wednesday along with his cousins to pack the goods for market.   Naturaliss would be back in bed by 6am and up by 7am and off to school by 8am every week.  At times Naturaliss and his cousins would walk approximately 10 to 15 miles to a place called “Pond” for market products for our Aunt.  Naturaliss attended schools such as Hillside Primary, ST. Mary Technical High, Mary Mound Business Department.

Naturaliss realize his passion for Music in year two thousand (2000) as he would write songs and group up with fellow Artiste “Birdie” to rehearse.  Naturaliss would perform at events around his community on weekends.  Naturaliss would record demos and try to pilot his music by seeking out record producers and Labels.  At one point in time Naturaliss search landed him a meeting with Dancehall Artist “Kip Rich”.  Naturaliss contacted Kip rich through a friend and we arranged to meet up at a Studio in Kingston by the name of  “Mixing Lab”.  Naturaliss had written a song titled Hail Di Fadda, which he intended on having Kip Rich sing the song.  Naturaliss leave ST. Mary a day before the meeting with Kip Rich and stop over in Kingston with friends.  On the day of the meeting Naturaliss along with a Dancer by the name of Landon went early the morning to Mixing Lab.  While at Mixing Lab they waited tiresomely for Kip Rich to arrive.  Upon the arrival of Kip Rich he went straight into the studio without us knowing and started recording.  However we managed to get in the studio and watched the live recording session.  After Kip Rich finished his sessions Naturaliss spoke to him but he needed a demo CD but Naturaliss only had the lyrics to the song on paper.  Naturaliss went on with his quest and was introduced to Recording Artiste “Esco” who was a Sound System selector from the duo Lefside and Esco.  Where Dancehall Artiste Bounty Killer and friends was at the time.  Naturaliss spoke to Esco and handed him a demo tape.   Naturaliss followed up on the demo about a month later and was told the demo has been misplaced.   Naturaliss still determined and continue to go around dropping of demo tapes.  Naturaliss went to a studio named Down Sound Records with his demo tape and it was screened and they identified a song called Mamma on the demo which they said they like but he needs to fixed it and take it back.  Naturaliss went ahead and re-recorded the song and take it back to Down Sound Records and the found an engineering fault once more.  Naturaliss was growing tired of the setbacks so he didn’t go back to Down Sound Records.  Naturaliss took a break from the Music for a period of one year has he go a Job has a Correctional Officer which required him to train for a period of 4 months.  After finishing training Naturaliss immigrated from ST. Mary to Kingston.  While being a Correctional Officer Naturaliss had to balance music and work.  Naturaliss was informed of another cousin “Dario Dixon” who was making beats.  They both came together and formed their own Record Label “Cr3 Records”.

While developing his Label Naturaliss released albums like Shanty Town, Suffa Mi” and singles like “Boom Flick Pon It”, Tolerance Level, Funtime and more to online Music store and more.  Naturaliss went ahead in search of talents and came across Lalumba, EDD-I, Shea, Misa West, Birdie and more.  Naturaliss performed on “Morning Time”, MDTV, “2011 UWI Charity Concert” and more.  Naturaliss is solely influenced by life and daily activities.  Naturaliss strongly advice upcoming Artiste to endure, work hard, market themselves and never give up.

Phone: 1876-468-4178

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